RMN (Registered Mental Health Nurse), London

Healthcare Recruitment Funnel

RMN (Registered Mental Health Nurse), London

Crooton ran this recruitment campaign for a London based charity that needed to fill a number of Nursing vacancies quickly, to ensure there was no disruption to the levels of care they were able to deliver to their service users. With no dedicated internal resource able to focus on recruitment and with tight budgets, the charity was looking for an alternative to using traditional recruitment agencies.

The Crooton Team took a detailed brief from the client and over a 4 week period were able to deliver some great quality candidates which resulted in three hires. Rather than just focussing on traditional recruitment marketing to source candidates, the Crooton Team were able to layer on top their geo-fencing service, ‘Employer Fencing‘ to reach talent currently operating in the sector which was further supplemented with extensive search activity.

3 great hires for a fixed fee of less than £1000!

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