Investment opportunity – FAQs

investment FAQS

Interested in being part of the crooton story? Have questions about our crowdfunding campaign?

If so, see our FAQs below…

Q: Why should I consider investing in crooton?

A: crooton has achieved incredible success since it launched in 2019, growing significantly when many other recruitment firms scaled back massively or were forced to close because of the global pandemic.

Our unique candidate geotargeting technology has disrupted the industry and enabled businesses and organisations such as the NHS, Ocado, and a number of high-profile restaurant chains, as well as police forces, to find the staff they need for hard to fill roles.

And increasingly our system is being used to attract staff based overseas and by companies with international divisions.

Increasing demand for the company’s services mean it is growing profitably month on month, with a customer churn rate of just 4% and a growing array of five star customer reviews.

Incredibly all this has been achieved without crooton having sought any external funding ever before, which means the crowdfunding campaign will be the first time it has offered shares in the business.

With ambitious growth plans and a team focused on success, now is a great time to be part of the crooton story.

Q: Why is crooton launching a crowdfunding campaign and why now?

A: crooton is launching a crowdfunding campaign now so that it can accelerate its rapid growth through the development of its unique self-serve recruitment platform and a dedicated focus on the international market.

This will enable the company to achieve its mission of becoming a major player in the global high volume recruitment sector. 

Q: What is Crowdcube?

A: Launched in 2011, Crowdcube is an equity crowdfunding platform that has been used by many fast-growing UK businesses to attract investment from members of the public.

It enables anyone to buy equity (shares) in a company from just £10 in exchange for part ownership of the business.

The company is FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved.

Q: Why are you using Crowdcube rather than any other crowdfunding system?

A: Many well-known crowdfunding systems such as Kickstarter look to raise money for companies through donations from members of the public, that may lead to rewards in the future if the business does well.

Crowdcube by comparison is a crowdfunding investment platform where members of the public buy actual shares in a company, becoming part owners of the business.

It provides investors with share certificates and documents of ownership, and unlike some other crowdfunding investment platforms, offers Ordinary Shares (A class shares) in the businesses that are seeking investment.

Q: How does the Crowdcube system work?

A: With Crowdcube you choose to invest as little or as much as you like into the business seeking funding, and you become a registered shareholder with full voting and other rights.

Like with many other crowdfunding sites, the business seeking investment sets a target amount they would like to raise, and investors only pay when and if this target figure is reached. If the target isn’t reached, then no payments are taken. 

To invest in a company using Crowdcube, you first need to register for free on their site –

Once you’ve done that, the only fees you’ll pay to Crowdcube are a 1.65% investment fee (capped at £250) on any investment you make, and a 5% success fee if your shares make a profit in the future. But as highlighted above, the investment fee is only taken when the business seeking funding reaches its target figure.

Q: Is my money safe with Crowdcube?

A: Crowdcube is fully regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and has helped hundreds of fast-growing businesses secure investment from members of the public. 

And whilst it is an established and reputable crowdfunding investment platform, investing in any company carries risks. 

Q: What are the risks of investing?

A: Investing in any early-stage business comes with high risks. If a company does well and is bought by another business or goes public at a value higher than when you invested, you will receive a return on your investment. But if the company fails, you are likely to lose some or all of your investment.

Sadly, most start-up and early-stage businesses fail or don’t deliver shareholders a return on their investment, and very few make dividend payments to their shareholders. In addition, there is the risk that your shares will be diluted in the future when and if there are further funding rounds. 

This is why it is important you take proper advice when thinking of investing in a company and think carefully about creating a diversified portfolio of investments to cushion the blow should some investments fail.

Q: How much can I invest?

A: You can invest any amount from £10 up to the total amount being requested by the business seeking investment.

Should the target figure be reached, the company can choose to accept more investment in exchange for releasing more equity (ownership) of the business.

Q: Can I speak to someone at crooton before I decide to invest?

A: Yes of course! We would be happy to arrange a conversation with a member of crooton’s management team if you would like to know more. Simply email [email protected]. We also highly recommend you seek independent financial advice before making any investment decision. 

Q: Where can I get further information?

A: You can find more information on investing through Crowdcube in the Help Centre on their website –