The impact of COVID-19 on financial services recruitment

finance meeting

It’s no surprise to anyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted large swathes of the economy. We’ve been experiencing both a public health crisis and an economic one, which has kept the financial services sector hard at work. Although we’re all hoping for a return to some kind of normality soon, as the pandemic recedes, […]

What’s the difference between diversity, equity, and inclusion?

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As experts in recruitment, we spend a lot of time looking at issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). DEI is key to having an effective recruitment strategy and an outstanding culture within your organisation, and we want to help you get there. We’ve recently looked at diversity in healthcare, reducing bias during interviews, and […]

Where are women in logistics? A look at the industry’s gender balance

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However much we might hope, the conversation around gender equality in the UK will not be finished any time soon. Women are making substantial progress entering the workforce, with 72.7% of adult women in work. This is an increase from 52.8% in 1971 and is rapidly approaching the 80.1% of adult men in employment. Many […]

What is the future of recruitment in the engineering sector?

engineering team

A whopping 5.5 million UK workers — or 18% of all employed people in the country — are currently employed in the vast field of engineering and manufacturing.  But when we talk about engineering, what areas do we mean, exactly? This vast sector spans aerospace, IT, infrastructure, manufacturing, surveying, telecoms, and transportation.  While some engineering […]

How to create a diversity and inclusion statement for your business

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At crooton, we spend a lot of time thinking (and writing) about diversity and inclusion. We’ve talked previously about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for your company, but it really can’t be overstated. Having a diverse workplace directly impacts your bottom line, helps you serve a wider array of customers, reduces costly […]

How to refine your recruitment messaging strategy and nurture candidates in your pipeline

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We all want to place the very best candidates into our teams. You put a great deal of effort into identifying them and nurturing them into your pipeline, but this isn’t the end of the process. Too many companies put time and money into finding outstanding talent, then take them for granted as soon as […]

Common talent pipeline problems and how to fix them

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The talent pipeline is a recruiter’s greatest asset. Somewhere within this pipeline lies your next great new hire. Problems with your talent pipeline can offer you an early warning sign that something’s wrong with your recruitment process. Your pipeline consists of all the potential new hires who have applied for a role with your company. […]

The early impact of Brexit on UK logistics — what does it mean for recruiters?

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Two years ago, Brexit dominated the public discussion and showed no signs of going away. COVID changed all of that. With the impact of the pandemic and the associated political and social upheavals, it can be hard to remember that we’re still in the early stages of adapting to our new post-Brexit regulations. It has […]

Eight ways to improve your recruitment strategy in logistics

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To say that the logistics industry is facing challenging times is an understatement. Indeed, the difficulties of recruiting logistics workers have become the subject of numerous newspaper headlines and conversations over the dinner table. Logistics firms are currently facing difficulties from every direction. The pandemic has led to an explosion in online shopping, increasing demand […]