The challenges of recruitment in the construction industry in 2021

The UK government is promoting the construction industry as an industry that will significantly aid our economic recovery; however, it will require additional workers to achieve the government’s expectations. This increased demand for workers will undoubtedly make construction recruitment more challenging. The construction industry was very quick to adapt to the change in circumstances that […]

The impact of COVID-19 on the recruitment industry

The impact Covid-19 has had on the global economy cannot go unnoticed. The global pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives and sent shock waves through all sectors of the economy, causing disruptions of unprecedented magnitudes. The recruitment sector has not been spared, and it seems like the job market will never be the […]

Crooton awarded a podium place at Talent Tech Rising 2020

  On the 18th and 19th November 2020, 57 Recruitment Tech Companies came together at Talent Tech Rising to showcase the latest and most innovative technology available in the marketplace.  Over the two days the audience were asked to vote for the coveted crown of best in the show. After thousands of votes were counted, […]

Crooton to showcase their latest recruitment technology at Talent Tech Rising 2020

We are excited to announce crooton’s co-founder and Managing Director, Stephen Anderson will be showcasing our latest recruitment technology ‘Employer Fencing’ at this year’s Talent Tech Rising event on November 18th and 19th. Over the 2 day event, Talent Tech Rising will host various recruitment companies who will be demonstrating the most innovative technology being […]

Recruitment fees explained

Fixed Price Recruiters vs Contingency Recruiters Recruitment fees are fees that businesses pay recruitment companies to find and recruit new employees. This article will identify two of the most common ways recruitment companies charge for their services. Recruitment companies who offer a Fixed Price Recruitment service take a substantially smaller fee upfront in comparison to […]

How employers can target the best talent

Recruitment agencies and employers will continue to be challenged to find top talent in their respective industries. Knowing where to find the best candidates can ease this workload. Because technology has progressed so much, we have selected several of the latest techniques that employers can use to match people with positions. Our personal preference involves […]