How we helped increase campaign visibility by 153% using geo-fencing

The Devon Alliance for international recruitment is one of the first International Recruitment collaboratives recruiting on behalf of an integrated health and social care system and has been established for just over a year. They are a collaboration working for a number of Trusts across Devon – including Torbay and South Devon, University Hospitals Plymouth, Royal Devon University hospitals and Devon Partnership Trust.

One of the big national government mandates has been to increase the number of nurses in the NHS by 2024. A large proportion of that being international recruitment of which there are many organisations, trusts and collaboratives across the country undertaking international recruitment.

The Devon Alliance has been hugely successful in their first year of establishing themselves both in terms of deploying nurses into the NHS in Devon, but also building the brand and reputation of #nursingindevon. They’ve actively been promoting living there as well as working there and all of the opportunities that are available in each of the hospitals.

The Problem

The nursing workforce is a challenge across the UK and there are many initiatives in terms of developing/expanding the workforce. Staff shortages are an ongoing issue with a large number of nurses being in the retirement age bracket. Whilst a big proportion of those nurses continued to work through the pandemic to help the NHS, a lot of them are choosing to retire from the profession leaving a gap to fill. 

What’s important for the Devon Alliance is to work collaboratively across the system  recruiting high calibre Nurses and healthcare professionals from overseas into the NHS in Devon.

They had a target last year for recruitment and therefore needed a plan to meet that target. As part of their plans they were working with well-known third parties which came at a cost. 

Their ultimate goal was to have a low cost/no-cost model of recruitment and so they started to build a phased approach to how they delivered that. Whilst building their brand and developing their reputation, they worked initially with higher cost partners but soon moved into a blended approach using some third party partners but with a focus on direct recruitment.

The Solution

This year, the Devon Alliance were doing their first overseas campaign as Devon in Dubai. They approached crooton to see if we could help by repurposing an earlier trial campaign to see if they could attract nurses who lived in Dubai and surrounding areas to the event where the Alliance would be in attendance.

The team pulled a geo-fencing campaign together very quickly in time for the event which resulted in great success. Approximately 120 nurses attended for their interview event and one month on, the momentum is still there.

The geo-fencing campaign continues to run for three months and they’re seeing a great number of nurses coming through from the UAE with a percentage of these being attributed to crooton along with other marketing streams. The Alliance is also seeing an interest from the other countries that have been ring-fenced as part of the campaign that has expanded further than the Emirates.

The Results

In terms of campaign management, the team meets with the crooton team every two weeks to review the findings of the campaign and adjust accordingly to ensure maximum optimisation by analysing the results.

A month ago advert impressions were around 473,000 and after a review and some tweaks, two weeks later the impressions have increased to 1.2 million with an impressive click-through rate of 1.09%. The data is demonstrating there is more traction and interest from the new countries added to the campaign.

What Devon Alliance thought

“Following the event, interest is definitely increasing which is really promising and we want to keep it running for three months to give the geo fencing technology a good opportunity to convert impressions and clicks into direct applications. Using the PDSA approach and continually monitoring and reviewing will enable the green shoots to flourish even further.”

“In terms of working with the team, we’re starting to really build some momentum now. They’ve been great and extremely helpful all the way through. This time round, the regular two-weekly meetings is hugely beneficial and there’s more of an established relationship between crooton and the Alliance.”

“Healthcare recruitment is hugely competitive, particularly overseas and I’ve always liked to stand out from the crowd and do things differently.”

What can we do differently that others aren’t doing? Use geo-fencing technology!”

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