Recruiting for a key role remains one of the most important decisions any company needs to make, yet a lengthy recruitment process means you run the risk of saying goodbye to the best candidates on offer.

The average length of the interview-to-appointment process in the UK is currently around 27.5 days and in the LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends Report (2017) some 80 percent of employers said their whole recruitment process took anything up to 2 months.

Your approach to talent acquisition says a lot about you, especially to candidates. For example a hiring process with a slow candidate evaluation process, followed by a drawn out interview stage, with poor or slow communication, sends all the wrong signals about your company to those potentially interested in working for you.

In the current economic environment and to stand the best chance of appointing the right candidates, providing clear and regular communication and timely feedback is imperative.

It is clear that there is a considerable disparity between employee expectations and the timeframes within which employers are working. One study showed that 39% of jobseekers felt a recruitment process of 7-14 days was too long, with another 24% believing a 15-21 day window was excessive. 69% of respondents said that they lost interest in a company if they had not heard anything back within one to two weeks of an interview.

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