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Recruitment Marketing Solution

We are proud to have won the Recruitment Marketing Solution Award 2024. If you’d like to know how we have helped organisations across the globe reach quality candidates, drop us a line.

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Building employer brand

Access an untapped talent pool and drive down your hiring costs. With our suite of recruitment marketing channels we can help make you the employer of choice and reduce your costs associated with forever buying applications.

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Recruitment support

Whether you are a small to medium sized organisation looking for a partner to manage all your recruitment or a larger organisation looking for support with particular vacancies, crooton have the skills and experience to help.

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Volume recruitment

Get help with a specific recruitment need. Be that seasonal uplift in staffing, graduate intake or rapid company expansion. Cost effective solutions that deliver a great ROI.

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A truly powerful combination

We use a series of programmatic interactions that are used to enhance your campaigns. But, we don’t rely on our technology alone.

Your campaigns are balanced by ‘Human Intelligence’ – the powerful voice of human reason. This combination drives the excellent campaign results we achieve.

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