Employers are keen to recruit the best but how do they reach these people and what is the real cost?

Employers often want lots of candidates at the top of the funnel and these will be made up of external active & passive jobseekers and internal candidates. To access these potential candidates can be costly, as it is highly unlikely that all these people can be reached through a single channel.

Active jobseekers, might view an opening on a job board, but no single platform will ensure all potentially suitable candidates will be exposed to the role. Increasing the number of platforms, clearly improves the chances of reaching a greater number of active jobseekers but there is likely to be a significant cost implication. It also fails to address the fact that there are likely to be passive candidates, maybe working for competitors, that are not aware of the opening.

Search activity, social media, digital ad targeting and internal communications allow candidates from these other groups to be reached, but management of all this additional activity takes time, and therefore carries with it an additional cost.

Having filled the top of the funnel with a large pool of applicants, comes the job of selection. A great many of these applicants are unlikely to be suitable for the job, but every application must be reviewed in an objective way to ensure the organisation is not exposed to legal risk.

It is clear that there are in fact two costs associated with every application – the cost of generating the application and then the cost of processing the application.

If we suppose, that through accessing multiple sources, 30 applications might be received for a particular role, then in most cases, less than a third of these applicants will be progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process. To generate and manage these applications comes at a cost and employers should review whether these first stages of the candidate funnel are best managed in-house or outsourced.

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