Recruitment agencies and employers will continue to be challenged to find top talent in their respective industries. Knowing where to find the best candidates can ease this workload.

Because technology has progressed so much, we have selected several of the latest techniques that employers can use to match people with positions. Our personal preference involves virtual Geo fencing, but more about that later.

Traditional job adverts

Up your recruitment skills when posting job descriptions in traditional forums. Like it or not, words matter when it comes to attracting the cream of the crop with familiar written job adverts. Up your game by using AI to refine your written advert. Specific AI tools guide phrasing by analysing data and predicting which ads will be successful because of how the ad has been worded.

Freelance employee required?

Recruiters tend to overlook the benefits of freelancers when a gap needs to be filled for a limited period. Typically, the gig economy is overlooked due to red tape in the organization. Overcome this hurdle, and specialists from content writers to web developers and graphic designers can be sourced through online freelance websites.

Programmatic advertising

Although no longer strictly a major innovation in the recruitment field, programmatic advertising still holds value. Employers can use this technique to target candidates with the desired qualifications by using automated job ad posting. Candidate profiles should be well-researched and posted on sites that they are predicted to frequent for this process to reap the desired visibility.

Social Media

Social media is not just for socializing. If employers have not yet tried this recruitment technique, perhaps it is time to give it a try. Social platforms like LinkedIn are where most of the older generation hang out. Over 80% of the younger generation use social media, and most access these platforms via smartphones. Tap into this rich source to discover new talent.

Geo Fencing

Saving the best to last, Geo fencing is a specialized recruitment strategy employed by Crooton to reveal the best talent available.

What is Geo fencing? In its simplest form, it involves the placement of digitally displayed job adverts on websites and apps. In other words, a pre-selected ‘fence’ area is determined within a geographical range to display ads on user’s smartphones.

How does it benefit employers?

crooton has implemented this strategy to benefit its clients. The primary advantage of using this recruitment practice is that it targets talent within competitor locations by displaying employer vacancies to potential talent within the fenced area.

Target top graduates

Employers can focus on aiming recruitment efforts at sourcing apex graduates from universities and colleges. targeting of campus locations via smartphones is a ‘smart’ decision given the fact that the use of this device is set to exceed 61 million by 2024.

Outperform competitors

Businesses can use Crooton’s expertise in Geo fencing to outperform rivals by posting appealing vacancies for competitor employees to view.

Diversity recruitment

Known locations of neighbourhoods characterized by diversity can be targeted for talent searches and compliance.

Specific industry recruitment

Military bases and training facilities can quickly be isolated to source premium talent for specific industries. The same concept applies to the recruitment of individuals in other fields such as the auto industry or entertainment.

Veterans, layoffs, business closures and re-locations

The seemingly endless reach of the Geo fencing technique is also applied to reach veterans, employees who have recently been laid off, those available following business closures, or when corporations relocate.

Geo fencing should not be confused with IP targeting. Although IP targeting is effective, geo fencing recruitment outstrips that of IP in terms of success.

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