We are excited to announce crooton’s co-founder and Managing Director, Stephen Anderson will be showcasing our latest recruitment technology ‘Employer Fencing’ at this year’s Talent Tech Rising event on November 18th and 19th.

Over the 2 day event, Talent Tech Rising will host various recruitment companies who will be demonstrating the most innovative technology being used in the recruitment industry and we are eager to demonstrate how Employer Fencing is at the very peak of recruitment technology available on the market today.

Employer Fencing makes targeting potential candidates from competitors, academic institutions, or any other physical location a reality.

To summarise…

Employer Fencing allows us to create a ringed fence around any physical location, and serve job adverts to people who enter our Employer Fence.

Using additional tactics such as keyword aiming, we can refine targeting so that only the most relevant people who enter the fence see your job advert, even after they leave the area and for up to 28 days afterwards.

We can easily create job adverts in multiple ad formats with our Ad builder tool in minutes, allowing you to serve ads across multiple devices using the very latest digital display advertising technology.

Access to global display networks allows us to deliver job adverts to potential candidates, wherever and however they are browsing the web.

For a full demonstration on Employer Fencing, join us at Talent Tech Rising on the 18th and 19th November or contact us today to find out how crooton can help get the very best talent for your organisation.