At crooton, it would be easy for us to say that the reason why employers love us is because of our unique candidate targeting and geofencing technology, or our revolutionary job advert creation tool, or our experienced and friendly team, or even our fixed price approach.

And whilst this is undoubtedly true, we know that ultimately there is one key reason why so many of them write five-star reviews about us – we solve an urgent problem that they have.

And that problem is finding and attracting candidates with the right skills and experience for the roles they find hard to fill.

In most cases, our clients have tried numerous ways to attract the staff they desperately need – including advertising the roles themselves or using other recruitment services – only to find that nothing has worked.

The global agrifoods business AM Fresh Group is just one example. They said: “Whenever we are struggling with particular roles or struggling for online traffic or applications, crooton always step up to the mark and help us to fill our vacancies. Highly recommend!!”

This is echoed by care group Maria Mallaband who said: “crooton is a great product and it really helped us during a critical time to increase our applications and our reach to certain areas of the UK.”

Of course, our amazing success at finding the right staff for hard to fill vacancies wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team and the innovative technology that we developed to allow employers to precisely pinpoint the candidates they want to reach.

But we also know it’s the whole package that we offer that leads to so many of them becoming long-term clients and considering us their first choice for high-volume recruitment. 

This includes offering them the flexibility to manage their hiring campaigns themselves using our online recruitment system or choosing to let us do it for them with our fully managed service.

It also includes the fact that candidates are screened not only by one of our experienced resourcers but also by an online assessment tool, and employers can track and review each candidate’s details themselves using our bespoke application management system.

What’s more, our custom developed candidate geofencing system allows them to target potential staff anywhere in the world, meaning employers can attract exactly the right people wherever they may be. This global reach is attracting new employers to us every month, who are urgently looking for the right staff for their UK operation or even for their overseas divisions.

And these employers are also delighted to learn that as well as being a fixed price service, we don’t charge any additional fees for making multiple hires from a single job campaign. This has saved many of our clients thousands of pounds on traditional recruitment fees.

And best of all, the quality of the candidates that apply for their jobs thanks to our unique systems and approach has amazed them.

Hazel Rawdon Smith, Tactical Intel and Performance Manager at Bedfordshire Police said: “An excellent service from start to finish. We were spoilt for choice with the number of high-quality candidates crooton sourced for us.”

And international medical technology company Rescape said: “Very efficient, clear process, excellent communications throughout, very friendly, responsive and flexible.  The ultimate test is that they obtained for us a number of top-quality candidates, and we are delighted to have found the individual we ultimately appointed. Will certainly use crooton recruitment again.”

Isn’t it time you fell in love with recruitment with crooton?