Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce crooton’s partnership with potentialpark, renowned for their groundbreaking studies with students, graduates, early career professionals, and employers worldwide.

Their latest research sheds light on the shifting landscape of talent acquisition, where the traditional mantra of “seek and you shall find” is giving way to the more interactive ethos of “engage and you shall succeed!” As personalisation takes centre stage in our online experiences, the days of conventional job searches are fading into obscurity.

In today’s digital age, candidates are seeking more than just job listings—they crave meaningful connections, authenticity, and tailored experiences that align with their unique interests and ambitions. Moreover, they’re keenly interested in knowing that there’s a clear career path ahead.

The 2024 potentialpark Talent Communication Study reveals a compelling statistic: a striking 61% of both UK and European candidates cite the absence of opportunities for career growth and development as their top deal breaker when considering potential employers. This stark revelation underscores the critical importance of offering candidates transparent pathways for advancement within your organisation.

Employers, therefore, take note: to attract and retain top talent, it’s imperative to demonstrate a sincere commitment to nurturing professional growth and development. Whether through mentorship programs, skills training initiatives, or clearly defined promotion paths, investing in your employees’ career trajectory is paramount to winning the talent race.

Armed with insights like these, we can craft recruitment strategies that are not only personalised but also finely tuned to meet the evolving expectations of today’s candidates. So, let’s dive in, initiate those conversations, and pave the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future—for both our workforce and our organisations.

For further details about potentialpark and their groundbreaking research, visit https://www.potentialpark.com/And keep an eye out for a comprehensive feature on these findings in Untapped (untappedtalent.online)