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10 most in-demand teaching skills right now


The UK is struggling with a national teacher shortage. While teaching has never been easy, the number of teachers falling out of the workforce has increased. According to UK National Statistics, almost 34,000 teachers left education in 2020 alone. As for current teachers, they don’t plan on staying for long. According to the National Education […]

High levels of accountant stress: how to recognise the signs and keep your best talent on board

stressed man

According to research conducted by accountancy wellbeing charity, CABA, accountants are burning out at an alarming rate. Two in five accountants feel “too drained” to work, with their career, studies, a feeling of constant pressure, and the COVID-19 pandemic all cited as causes. While COVID-19 won’t have made things any easier, it’s worth noting that […]

Where should you advertise your job? 5 best job posting sites you need to know

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According to LinkedIn research, 60% of job seekers use job boards to find their next role. That means whether you’re recruiting just one new team member — or twenty — you need to use job posting sites to get your open roles noticed by high-quality candidates. Once you’ve put a job advertisement together, it’s time […]

Your ultimate guide to construction recruitment

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During the pandemic, some areas of the construction industry have declined, and others have boomed. This led to a 2% growth in registered construction businesses in 2020 compared to 2019. And, as you might expect with that kind of industry growth, construction recruitment has increased. If you’re struggling to keep up with demand, don’t worry, […]

What’s the difference between diversity, equity, and inclusion?

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As experts in recruitment, we spend a lot of time looking at issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). DEI is key to having an effective recruitment strategy and an outstanding culture within your organisation, and we want to help you get there. We’ve recently looked at diversity in healthcare, reducing bias during interviews, and […]

Where are women in logistics? A look at the industry’s gender balance

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However much we might hope, the conversation around gender equality in the UK will not be finished any time soon. Women are making substantial progress entering the workforce, with 72.7% of adult women in work. This is an increase from 52.8% in 1971 and is rapidly approaching the 80.1% of adult men in employment. Many […]

What is the future of recruitment in the engineering sector?

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A whopping 5.5 million UK workers — or 18% of all employed people in the country — are currently employed in the vast field of engineering and manufacturing.  But when we talk about engineering, what areas do we mean, exactly? This vast sector spans aerospace, IT, infrastructure, manufacturing, surveying, telecoms, and transportation.  While some engineering […]

How to create a diversity and inclusion statement for your business

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At crooton, we spend a lot of time thinking (and writing) about diversity and inclusion. We’ve talked previously about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for your company, but it really can’t be overstated. Having a diverse workplace directly impacts your bottom line, helps you serve a wider array of customers, reduces costly […]