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Four examples of modern recruitment best practices leading into 2022

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As we move towards 2022 and away from the uncertainty of the past few years, we’re keen to focus on what we have learned and embrace the changes we see around us. Recruitment has changed since 2019. Dramatically so. Once seen as the province of a privileged few, remote work is now mainstream, and hybrid […]

How to talk about diversity and inclusion & four talking points to help


Diversity and inclusion are important issues that need total buy-in from your whole team. This can often mean having difficult conversations about tricky topics. Managers often have to walk a delicate line, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and feel heard while also ensuring that their workplace remains a safe and welcoming […]

The NHS Boost: How the extra funding will help the healthcare sector

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Earlier this week, the government announced that the NHS is set to receive an extra £5.9bn in funding on top of the extra £12bn that was announced earlier this year.  The NHS hospital system in England is at breaking point with over five million people waiting for care. Hundreds of thousands of people have been […]

How to create and deliver a great employer brand

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In a society where image is everything and a company’s reputation can be measured in likes, re-tweets, comments and shares; creating an employer brand that draws people to your business has never been more important. It is refreshing to see more companies investing in their employees’ development. The challenge, however, may be that too many […]

Four pillars of diversity and inclusion in recruitment you need to know about

Inclusive workplaces are rewarding and productive places to work. Companies with a diverse workforce can outperform those without by 50%. Inclusive workplaces typically have much lower staff turnover and can improve how partners and clients perceive your company. Even without these benefits, improving opportunities for diverse candidates is the right thing to do, and we […]

How HGV driver shortages are affecting recruitment for logistics staff

The UK’s severe shortage of HGV drivers has led to a considerable increase in pressure for logistics companies. The problem isn’t only confined to the UK but appears globally as well; logistics companies need more HGV drivers on their rosters if they want to keep up with growing business expectations. However, due to the lack […]

How to cultivate a positive culture in healthcare workplaces

2020 was an extremely challenging year for the healthcare industry and the hard working people who work within it. Data from NHS England shows that there was considerable disruption to healthcare recruitment activity within the NHS during the Covid 19 pandemic. There was a vacancy rate of over 10% reported for nurses alone; leaving 38,952 […]

Four top tips for a successful healthcare recruitment marketing strategy

The healthcare industry in the UK has seen a widespread shortage of staff in recent years which has caused healthcare recruitment to become increasingly competitive. According to a survey conducted by Statista with 570,000 healthcare professionals taking part, over 61% of respondents either disagreed, strongly disagreed and neither agreed or disagreed with the following statement; […]