employer fencing : recruitment with geo-fencing

With crooton’s unique Employer Fencing Digital Ad Technology it becomes possible to efficiently target potential candidates working for other companies.

By creating a digital audience based on movement in the physical world, geo-fencing allows you to target your competitors talent.

  • target an audience with intelligent display ads
  • target individuals working for particular companies
  • target academic institutions
  • target trade events
  • continue to serve messages to the audience for 28 days

geo-fence locations & create a pool of candidates from people entering the targeted area

how it works

  • mobile user enters geo-fenced area
  • mobile identified via ‘location services’
  • adset push for the next 28 days whilst user is within and outside fence
  • customize messaging
  • ability to capture relevant data around ad delivery and engagement

geo-fence targeting

  • set-up campaigns by scraping the locations of multiple companies.
  • automatically create a geo-fence around each location. 
  • target those individuals who enter those fences with targeted messages.

ad creation & delivery

Create ads in every shape automatically, so your ads run seamlessly on every device, this ensures the most efficient media buying and customer experience.

Dynamically create ads based on job inventory. plug-in to all major ad networks. optimizes ad delivery across networks for best results and roi.

layer keyword targeting

Having created an audience to target, it then becomes possible to refine targeting through keyword activity only target those people within your audience who have searched for specific terms. e.g. engineering jobs in bristol, picu, c++…..

full employer fencing demonstration

Crooton’s co-founder and managing director, Stephen Anderson gives a full demonstration on our unique recruitment tool – Employer Fencing.

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