Location based recruitment marketing solutions

Deliver a message to your audience based on loaction targeting

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Geo-fencing & digital display

An incredible way to access relevant passive candidates. We’ll digitally fence competitors or other specific locations, build an audience around profile and interests and deliver digital display adverts to this audience. These adverts will be served on web pages and apps, where the audience is looking.

Audience mapping

Our high-quality recruitment mapping reports help you to understand and visualise the jobseeker landscape. Using market leading data sources, discover who’s likely to apply, their characteristics, and  where you’ll find them. Save time, reduce wastage, and boost your application rates with this targeted recruitment strategy.

Social Media

Deliver your message to an audience on Facebook, Instagram and Linked-In. Reach a diverse and extensive audience and engage with potential candidates based on interests and other key profiling measures. 

Digital billboards

Programmatic and data-led digital outdoor campaigns at bus stations, in town/city centres, out of town locations, at business parks, roadsides are a great way to locate and target your jobseekers. Offering tactical opportunities to deliver your message, placements of advertising can be analysed to ensure that the optimum locations are chosen.

Local digital media

Reach a dedicated readership comprised of residents and businesses in the immediate area, and you’ll find local media websites are an effective way to strengthen your recruitment campaign, enhance brand awareness in the local community and encourage further applications. 

TV & radio

Partnering with Sky and digital radio channels,  we can extend your reach to access millions of potential jobseekers. Using factors such as location, gender, affluence, and buying habits we can precisely target your campaigns and provide sophisticated reporting data to track their conversion and success.


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