Last year was a difficult year for all of us, whilst most of us stayed at home and adapted to our new way of life, the healthcare sector and those who work within it faced unprecedented challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic combined with the uncertainty of Brexit and how it would affect migrant workers within the sector were two major sources of concern.

Although the uncertainty of Brexit is over and the news of several vaccines being rolled out provide a glimmer of hope, the healthcare sector in the UK continues to be under immense pressure with no signs it will ease in the early months of 2021.

The social and health care sectors are among the largest employers in the UK, with nearly 4 million people in a wide range of roles spanning across care homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and children’s homes.

The healthcare sector in the UK is well- known for having high staff turnover, a shortage of professionals and low staff retention in comparison with other sectors. With the competition to recruit new staff so high, opportunities for recruitment companies who can successfully deliver new talent are on the rise. It has been reported that the UK government estimate that more than two million new health and social care workers will need to be trained and deployed into the sector by 2022 to keep up with growing demand and replace workers leaving the sector or retiring.

The competition for, and lack of candidates is the biggest recruitment issue the healthcare sector and recruitment companies are currently facing. In such a competitive environment for new talent, having a pioneering recruitment strategy is essential to staying ahead of the competition, attracting the best talent, and successfully filling client’s vacancies in a timely manner.

Many of the recruitment channels used by healthcare recruitment companies are failing to deliver the preferred quality and quantity of candidates which suggests the need for new recruitment methods has never been more imminent.

How does a healthcare recruitment company stay ahead of the competition and attract the best talent?

Adding extra value to candidates by promoting employer branding that emphasises the healthcare company’s values is an integral part of recruitment campaigns. By presenting excellent value to candidates in the form of strong employer branding, showcasing the joys of working there and the successes of its current workforce, healthcare companies have a better chance of being competitive when attracting new talent.

How do healthcare companies deliver messages to their ideal candidates? Here at crooton, we have the perfect solution!

We have been working tirelessly developing ‘Employer Fencing’ which allows us to target potential candidates using geo-fencing to deliver messages using state of the art digital display advertising technology. Gone of the days where you publish a job advert in the local paper and hope your ideal candidate sees it, you can now deliver job adverts and brand messaging to people in a specified geographical location (even your competitor’s premises) straight to their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

crooton offer a flat fee recruitment solution using the very latest recruitment technology to ensure we can consistently deliver the quality and quantity of candidates required by healthcare companies in these testing times.

To find out more about we can help attract the best talent, contact us today.