What is Fixed Price Recruitment?

At crooton we offer a Flat Fee Recruitment Service, whereby we take a much smaller fee upfront and then work our socks off, to find you some great candidates you will want to hire.

Our professional service allows your business to make significant savings when you need to recruit and fill that job with the best candidate.

Contingency Recruiters traditionally charge a fee for their services based on the placement of a candidate in a role. This fee will usually be calculated based on a percentage of the new starter’s first year’s salary. A typical percentage is between 15% and 20%, so to place a candidate in a £40K role, you might expect to pay somewhere between £6K and £8K. If , however, the Recruiter is unable to make a placement, there is no fee……… but the Employer still has an open vacancy!

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Here’s a couple of reasons why we think the fixed price model works:

1. No additional charges for multiple candidate hires.

If we find you some stellar candidates with great talent for your vacancy and you choose to hire them all, we don’t charge you a penny more. With the traditional contingency model, you would pay a fee for each placement, with crooton your cost per hire just gets lower and lower. We’ve worked on plenty of campaigns where the client’s cost per hire has been just a few hundred pounds rather than thousands. That has to be worth considering.

2. We want to become your fixed fee recruitment partner of choice.

If we didn’t deliver amazing recruitment services and provide some fabulous candidates with the right talent for the job, then we may never see you again. And frankly, that means as a recruitment business, we wouldn’t be able to keep our doors open for very long. In fact we are rather good at retaining customers, which would suggest our services are effective and we are doing something right. We work incredibly hard on every single job to find the best talent, and prove our value time after time.

So, you’ve bought into the idea of a Fixed Fee Recruitment Solution,
but why now choose crooton as your preferred recruitment partner?

Firstly, our recruitment team are dedicated and really want to make a difference.

We want you to see the crooton team as an extension of your business. A team of flexible, dynamic, dedicated recruiters who are there to support you and your business with any of your recruitment requirements.

Every member of the crooton team, is committed to ensuring we deliver an exceptional level of service on every recruitment campaign and that’s what continues to drive us forward.

We work very successfully with very large in-house recruitment teams as well providing invaluable recruitment support and service for many SMEs. Don’t take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews or read some of our case studies or testimonials.

We have built some pretty amazing recruitment tech to boost job application volumes and enhance our talent acquisition services

As well as using job boards and social media platforms to market vacancies, we have built a digital display marketing tool that allows us to reach the employees of our clients’ competitors – Employer Fencing.

This extension to the traditional fixed fee model gives us the means of reaching out to a very targeted audience in every campaign with a specific vacancy message.

So in summary for one low fee, we will pull out all the stops to find you some great candidates that you will absolutely want to interview and hire.

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Recruitment Marketing across a wide range of Job Boards
  • Marketing across Social Media Platforms
  • Unique Employer Fencing Tool
  • In-depth Employee Search
  • Access to bespoke Candidate Management System
  • Screening and Shortlisting Service
  • Interview Scheduling

What does the Fixed Fee Recruitment service look like?

As part of the fixed fee service, you will have access to a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to firstly understand your recruitment needs and then apply a range of tools to help fill your jobs. Each job campaign will typically run for a period of 28 days, over which time your Account Manager will utilise a broad selection of recruitment marketing channels to ensure both active and passive job seekers are made aware of your job. These channels will include a wide range of job boards, both generalist and niche, social media platforms and our unique Employer Fencing tool. 

Your Account Manager and the support team will also spend a significant amount of time each day searching for, and screening suitable candidates. We will never forward unsolicited candidates, but will identify potential applicants with the relevant skills/experience/talent and reach out to these people. You can therefore be safe in the knowledge that the candidates we submit have a good understanding of the job opportunity and have applied for the role.

Each applicant will be screened within the crooton portal, based on your specific requirements for the job, where you can also view each applicant and their details. We have developed our portal to be incredibly easy to use for both employers and candidates. This ensures we minimise drop-out rates during the recruitment process, whilst simplifying the management of candidates for employers. (We also work with a number of Applicant Tracking Systems so please drop us a line to find out more).

In summary, for one low fixed fee, we will pull out all the stops to find you some great people for your jobs, that you will absolutely want to recruit.

Fixed Fee Recruitment FAQs

How much do traditional recruitment agencies charge?

The hire fee in the UK is typically between 15% and 20% of the starting salary, however, it can go as high as 30% in hard to fill positions. So, to recruit a candidate in a £50K role, you would expect to pay somewhere between £7.5K and £10K.

Is it worth using a recruitment agency?

Absolutely, recruitment agencies will usually provide you with a wider range of candidates to choose from in a shorter amount of time. Organisations tend to use recruitment agencies to save time, and speed up the onboarding process.

How much do fixed fee recruitment agencies charge?

Fixed Fee recruitment agencies typically charge between £600 to £1000 as a one off fee for their services, however, every agency has different recruitment methods, some more effective than others. 

What is the difference between fixed fee recruiters and traditional recruiters?

Traditional recruitment agency fees are usually a percentage of the candidates starting salary, whereas fixed fee recruitment agencies charge a one off fee for their services. Fixed Fee recruitment is becoming increasingly popular as more and more organisations are seeing the true value in this pricing model.

What is the average direct hire fee when using recruitment agencies?

That depends on the type of recruitment agency you use, traditional recruiters charge a percentage of the starting salary, usually between 15% and 20%. Fixed fee agencies will charge a one off fixed fee between £600 and £1000.

Please call us today to find out about our rates and prices or to get a bespoke quote based on your specific requirements and let us help you calculate how much you could save working if you were to work with us.

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