What is Fixed Price Recruitment?

Contingency Recruiters traditionally charge a fee for their services based on the placement of a candidate in a role. This fee will usually be calculated based on a percentage of the new starter’s first year’s salary. A typical percentage is between 15% and 20%, so to place a candidate in a £40K role, you might expect to pay somewhere between £6K and £8K. If , however, the Recruiter is unable to make a placement, there is no fee……… but the Employer still has an open vacancy!

At crooton we offer a Fixed Price Recruitment Service, whereby we take a much smaller fee upfront and then work our socks off, to find you some great candidates you will want to hire.

Here’s a couple of reasons why we think this model works.

  1. We want to become your recruitment partner of choice.

    If we don’t deliver an amazing service and provide some fabulous candidates, then we may never see you again. And frankly that means as a recruitment business, we wouldn’t be able to keep our doors open for very long.
    In fact, we are seeing our existing clients give us more of their recruitment business month on month, which would suggest we are doing something right.

  2. No additional charges for multiple hires.

    If we find you some stellar candidates and you choose to hire them all, we don’t charge you a penny more. With the traditional contingency model, you would pay a fee for each placement, with crotoon your cost per hire just gets lower and lower. We’ve worked on plenty of campaigns where the client’s cost per hire has been just a few hundred pounds rather than thousands.

So, you’ve bought into the idea of a Fixed Price Recruitment Solution,
but why now choose crooton as your preferred recruitment partner?

Firstly, we really want to make a difference.

We want you to see the crotoon team as an extension of your business. A team of flexible, dynamic, dedicated recruiters who are there to support you and your business with any of your recruitment requirements.
Every member of the crooton team, is committed to ensuring we deliver an exceptional level of service on every campaign and that’s what continues to drive us forward.

We have built some pretty amazing recruitment tech. to boost application volumes.

As well as using job boards and social media platforms to market vacancies, we have built a digital display marketing tool that allows us to reach the employees of our clients’ competitors – Employer Fencing. This extension to the traditional fixed price recruitment model, gives us the means of reaching out to a very targeted audience with a specific vacancy message.

So in summary for one low fee, we will pull out all the stops to find you some great candidates that you will absolutely want to interview and hire.

    • Dedicated Account Management
    • Recruitment Marketing across a wide range of Job Boards
    • Marketing across Social Media Platforms
    • Unique Employer Fencing Tool
    • In-depth Candidate Search
    • Access to bespoke Candidate Management System
    • Shortlisting Service
    • Interview Scheduling

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