Where do small companies advertise jobs? The six best tools to fill your open roles

Recruitment is exciting. It’s your chance to find an amazing new hire who will help your business grow in (hopefully) new and unexpected ways. For a small company, it’s also a huge decision. For smaller companies, in particular, recruitment can also be complicated and expensive. We’ve talked about the 5 best job posting sites for […]

What is discrimination by perception? Here’s what you need to know

what is discrimination by perception

We all want diverse teams, an inclusive workplace, and a constructive and welcoming corporate culture. It’s key to our organisations’ success and our workforce’s happiness. This kind of culture doesn’t happen by accident, however. This is why we at crooton focus so much on DEI efforts. These are the tools you need to create the […]

Candidate management 101: How to reply to a job candidate

candidate management

As part of our candidate management series, we wanted to look closely at best practices for candidate communications. We know that good communication throughout the hiring process is essential to the candidate experience and their impression of your employer brand. It also makes it much more likely that your chosen candidate will stay the course […]

How is head hunting different from recruitment? Plus, crooton’s unique approach

Head hunting recruitment

Here on the crooton blog, we like to talk a lot about recruitment. We’re dedicated recruitment nerds! But — if you’ve ever had any dealings with an HR team — you’ve almost certainly heard the term “head hunting”, too. Both activities involve finding the right people to work for your organisation. So what’s the difference? […]

Candidate management 101: When to notify unsuccessful candidates

four candidates sitting down

Finding the perfect candidate, offering them the job, and taking them through the onboarding process are highlights of a recruiter’s work. There’s a feeling of success, achievement, and progress. Notifying unsuccessful candidates doesn’t have the same feel-good factor. It can be uncomfortable, stressful, and unpleasant. It is, however, a key part of candidate management and […]

Recruitment is about more than just jobs: how recruiters can help the workplace transformation

recruitment is about more than just jobs

The world of work is changing. Generation Z (those born between 1996 and 2012) is entering the workforce, and there’s a looming labour shortage. And that’s before we even start talking about the pandemic and how it has upended our working lives. Expectations are changing, too. Candidates no longer want just a job and a […]