Sales & Marketing Recruitment

Crooton are able to support businesses with recruitment for a wide range of sales and marketing jobs. Whether you are looking to fill vacancies for Telesales Agents, Business Development Managers, a Marketing Manager, a Commercial Director or a Head of Marketing – Crooton have a range of unique products and services that will allow you to fill those roles quicker and for a much smaller fee.

We help businesses of very different types fill vacancies when they have struggled to find suitable candidates or where they simply need a bit of additional support with their recruitment. Often supporting in-house recruitment teams, we provide that additional pair of hands to pick-up that extra work that cannot be managed effectively by existing teams during busy periods. Flexible and cost effective solutions, mean we can be on-hand when you need us. 

Flexible Recruitment Solutions for Sales and Marketing

Crotoon will use various tools to market your vacancy to get the broadest exposure possible from relevant active job seekers, these channels will include multiple job boards and social media channels. It may be that you do not have an in-house team, and are looking to outsource much of your recruitment to a partner that you can trust , that will also not break the bank. Crooton create bespoke sales and marketing recruitment solutions to suit your budget and organization size

Geo-Fencing for Sales and Marketing Recruitment 

We are able to include our unique geo-fencing service as part of every sales and marketing recruitment campaign for no extra cost. This exciting tool allows us to target sales and marketing professionals working for your competitors, attendees of a relevant trade event or students of a particular academic institution. The tool allows for the creation of an audience based on movement in the physical world and the subsequent delivery of digital display messages to this audience. To find out a little more about this technology, check out our video.

Pricing for Sales and Marketing Recruitment Campaigns

Crooton charge a single low fixed fee for each campaign, which means that employers can make multiple hires for no extra cost. This of course means that on campaigns where you might be looking to make multiple placements the cost per hire can be incredibly low.

We will also use our Geo-Fencing Digital Marketing Service to promote your vacancies to a highly targeted and active and passive candidate pool.

If you would like further details on how we can help your organisation fill your sales and marketing roles then please drop us a line.

Sales Recruitment

Crooton’s sales recruitment consultants have a proven track record of consistently delivering stellar candidates in all disciplines of sales, from commercial management to sales management. Our sales recruitment consultants will identify what makes salespeople successful within your company and use a tailored approach to attracting candidates who have the right attributes to be a thriving member of your sales team. Using their extensive industry knowledge combined with our unique recruitment tools, we can connect high calibre sales talent with organisations as a one off or as a continuing service.

Marketing Recruitment

We understand that finding dedicated marketing professionals for your organisation can be a difficult task, that is why we have developed a unique recruitment strategy that always delivers excellent candidates for our clients. Our marketing recruitment consultants have vast experience recruiting candidates in all areas of marketing, from entry level graduate jobs to marketing executives, we are well equipped to recruit whoever your organisation needs. Our marketing recruitment team has a broad range of skills and experience, so whether you are seeking an e-commerce marketing specialist or public relations manager, we always have someone on hand to help.

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