Engineering & Construction Recruitment

Whether you are looking to fill roles for Construction Site Managers, Engineers, Labourers, or a Quantity Surveyor – Crooton have a range of products and services that will help you fill those roles quicker and for less.

We have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes fill roles when they have struggled to find suitable candidates or where they need some support with their volume recruitment. Often working with in-house recruitment teams, we offer additional support when it is needed, particularly in those hard to fill roles or when there are multiple vacancies that need filling quickly.

Flexible Recruitment Solutions for the Construction Industry 

If you need help with your recruitment during busy periods or simply don’t have the resources in house to manage your recruitment requirements, we can help. Crooton offer flexible recruitment solutions for the construction industry as a cost effective alternative to using traditional recruitment agencies. With access to a broad range of recruitment marketing tools, jobs boards, social media platforms, our unique geo-fencing service, candidate databases and the sector experience of our Resourcing Team, we can speed up the recruitment process whilst significantly reducing the cost per hire.

Geo-Fencing for Recruitment in the Construction Industry 

Our unique geo-fencing service – ‘Employer Fencing’ is offered as part of our fully managed construction recruitment service, at no extra cost. Employer Fencing allows us to target employees of other companies in the logistics sector with details of your vacancies. Having the ability to target multiple sites as part of your recruitment campaign means we are able to provide you with the opportunity to not only enhance your brand in local markets, but also generate applications from a passive and relevant candidate pool.

Construction Recruitment Pricing

Crooton’s flat fee pricing model means that you can make multiple placements without paying any additional fees and our volume discounts mean that you can take advantage of further cost savings.

With a transparent, low-cost pricing strategy, we have been able to help organisations operating in the construction industry save thousands on recruitment agency fees and significantly reduce their cost per hire. Our pricing models means that on each recruitment campaign we run on your behalf, you have the opportunity to make multiple hires without incurring any additional fees. This allows for further reductions in the cost per hire, on what is already a low cost.

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