Flexible Recruitment Solutions

We understand the unique challenges facing this industry and it’s not easy to locate the right people, with the right qualifications. With our game-changing recruitment solutions, we can go beyond other recruitment services to increase your bandwidth, and reach out to passive as well as active candidates.

And our results working with numerous police forces speak for themselves.  Using our unrivalled access to a broad range of recruitment marketing tools, including job boards, social media platforms, our unique geo-fencing service, digital out of home solutions and supported by our team of Recruiters, we have consistently delivered great results for the Police Forces we have worked with.

We deliver recruitment solutions that work.

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Police forces face a variety of challenges when recruiting from low numbers of applications within specific catchment areas, to recruiting a more diverse pool of candidates.  Whether you are looking to fill roles for Police constables, apprentice roles (PCDA),  to dog handlers  crooton has a range of products and services that will help you fill those roles efficiently and for less.

Working with a number of forces in the UK on a range of different projects,  crooton has proven that we can reach untapped audience and encourage applications for hard to fill roles. Great examples of our work can be seen here

One notable campaign, showed that before working with crooton, female applications were heavily down. The police force had worked actively to increase the representation of women and underrepresented groups in their ranks. Since May 2022, their female applicants ranged from 35%-46% of all applications each week, which is significant. 

Campaign success:

Applications grew from 25 per week to 100 + per week 


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Amplify your brand with potential job seekers using our unique geo-fencing service. This is offered as part of our managed logistics recruitment service, at no extra cost, and allows you to target employees of other operators with your vacancies.

We can strategically market within multiple sites as part of a campaign, enhancing your employer brand visibility in local markets as well as generating applications from a relevant candidate pool.

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