Recruitment agency service

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Our low cost ‘pay on placement’ recruitment agency model allows you take advantage of crooton’s amazing full service for the fraction of the cost offered by other agencies. Drop us a line to find out more!

Employer fencing

An incredible way to access relevant passive candidates. We’ll digitally fence up to 50 competitors or other specific locations and deliver digital display adverts to individuals entering these fenced locations. These adverts will be served on web pages and apps, where the audience is looking.

Job board advertising

With access to multiple job boards across the globe you can be sure your vacancy is being seen by suitable active job seekers looking for their next role.

Search outreach

Our highly skilled team of recruiters will search for candidates across multiple CV databases and LinkedIn and contact suitable individuals about your open roles.

Social media & local media

We use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to market your vacancies to a wider and more diverse audience.

We will also run digital display ad campaigns across local digital media channels.


We’ll make sure applicants have the skills you require. Every applicant will be pre-screened based on your specific requirements to ensure you review the very best candidates. 

Candidate submission

We provide you with access to our fantastic candidate management tool to allow you to review the very best candidates to progress.

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