“You’ve got to challenge the norm” says Mike Wall, former CEO of Jobsite, an unconventional challenger in the recruitment space, who joins crooton today as Audit and Consultancy Director.

Mike is no stranger to being at the forefront of innovation in the recruitment industry, with his success attributed to his single-minded pursuit of improvement and his willingness to challenge the status quo. He understands the importance of asking questions, adapting, and finding new innovative solutions that can streamline recruitment as a whole.

“You know, there are several attitudes you should have in work. One of them is knowing that some of that success is definitely luck. But perhaps it’s also about asking questions all the time and never sitting still.”

Mike is a firm believer that taking a data-driven approach is one of the most positive steps to change:

“From the top of the recruitment funnel, right through to feeding back on the success of candidate placements, analysing what works well, and what doesn’t work so well is important to feed into the future success of any recruitment campaign. Yet, the issue that still exists in the whole marketing and recruitment funnel, is that the feedback loops are atrocious. When you apply for a job, you tend to go into a black hole.”

With crooton, Mike will work with employers to audit their current recruitment marketing strategy with a view to making recommendations on how to drive efficiencies and improve quality of hires. Stephen Anderson, Co-founder and Managing Director of crooton says:

“Mike is a real trailblazer, he’s just not afraid to identify and make changes. Like crooton, he focuses on problem-solving, identifying solutions that work and lead to better business.”

Mike’s decision to join crooton was influenced by his belief that to be successful in work you need to find the job you do fulfilling and work with like-minded people:

Mike says: “I feel work should be enjoyable, and that’s why joining the team at crooton appealed. They’re incredibly professional and people buy people. I like their thinking.

Stephen Anderson, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of crooton, is on a mission. He’s very clear about where he wants to be. He’s got 1001 things he wants to achieve. And I really love the fact that he’s innovative in terms of crooton’s approach and how they’ve evolved. I like the fact that they’re looking at recruitment differently. The team is living and breathing it. It’s in their heart. They want to make it work and actually understand clients’ needs.”