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Global Recruitment with Crooton

The increase of global internet usage, including for seeking employment, has been increasing year on year. Thanks to this increase, combined with single market agreements across the world’s trading blocs, companies now have access to a much wider range of quality candidates who could help businesses expand globally, or simply attract talent from overseas.  In […]

How Crooton used OCTA to help its clients deliver a stellar candidate experience

Who are We? We are a recruitment company located in the UK that blends fixed price recruitment with pioneering geo-fencing display advertising technology to significantly reduce the cost and time to hire for companies across all sectors in the UK and Europe. Being the first to market in recruitment with our geo-fencing technology ‘Employer Fencing‘ […]

Our 4 top tips for effective recruitment

The two main focuses for any scaling business are sales and resources. Without sales, businesses struggle to increase their revenue and continue to run effectively, and without the right resources to manage workloads, businesses can quickly get snowed under as demand increases. In a competitive jobs market, companies need to do whatever they can to […]

The challenges of construction recruitment in 2021

The UK government is promoting the construction industry as an industry that will significantly aid our economic recovery; however, it will require additional workers to achieve the government’s expectations. The construction industry was very quick to adapt to the change in circumstances that the Covid-19 pandemic forced us into and continued working throughout 2020, but […]