According to LinkedIn research, 60% of job seekers use job boards to find their next role.

That means whether you’re recruiting just one new team member — or twenty — you need to use job posting sites to get your open roles noticed by high-quality candidates.

Once you’ve put a job advertisement together, it’s time to find the right job posting site for your industry niche and your budget.

Start by checking out the list below — five of the best job posting sites for businesses in the UK — all of which can help you source the very best talent for your team.

5 of the best job posting sites to try

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networks in the world.

It currently has over 800 million members in more than 200 countries around the world — so you can be confident you’ll reach a vast number of job-seekers with your listing.

LinkedIn also makes it easy to manage your job listings. Along with posting, you can view and track any applicants and share your shortlisted candidates with your team members on LinkedIn. Plus, LinkedIn lets you take advantage of the social nature of their platform by alerting everyone in your network that you’re hiring. Anyone you’re connected to can then share your open jobs and help you cast a wider net. And candidates can see if anyone they know works at your company. 

And LinkedIn users receive relevant job recommendations based on their qualifications and experience via email or mobile app notifications. 

LinkedIn pricing

Recruiters can post a job for free on the LinkedIn site. You simply need to click the Jobs icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. You can also pay to promote your job listing to get better visibility in job search results by setting a daily or total budget amount.

2. Monster

Monster is another generalist job board with tens of millions of visitors each month, so you can be sure any job you list on Monster will be seen. It offers many handy tools for recruiters to find the best talent and match them quickly against job criteria. Monster automatically refreshes any job you list after a set number of days (seven days for 30-day posts and 14 for 60-day posts) pushing them back up to the top of the search results. 

One of Monster’s standout features is SearchMonster, which ranks and scores candidates based on the criteria you provide. SearchMonster means you see the best matches for your postings first, letting you cut down on time-to-hire.

Monster’s pricing

Monster charges a subscription fee for companies wanting to post jobs and search CVs. After a four day free trial, the minimum monthly subscription is £130, with better features available the more you’re prepared to pay. Or, you can pay £130 plus VAT to post a single job ad. Look out for discounts too — sometimes new customers can take advantage of a reduced fee.

3. Reed

Reed has an astounding 22 million active candidates across the UK. Before you decide to post a job listing, you can use the Reed website to see how many candidates related to your industry and location are registered. They tout working with over 38,000 employers and say that 84% of businesses using Reed find their next hire. 

Reed helps you through the job posting process by advising you along the way and helping you get the most out of your advert. Once your posting is live, Reed delivers applications directly to your inbox and gives you plenty of tools to screen and rate candidates. They also offer a mobile site if you’re looking to keep up with applications when you’re on the go. 

Reed’s pricing

You can post your first job listing for £89 plus VAT. Reed prices start from £150 plus VAT per ad from then on. Pay extra to promote your listing in search results and via email, or save money by purchasing multiple job ad listings at once.

4. CV-Library

CV-Library is one of the biggest job sites in the UK, with nearly 17.5 million candidates registered. When you post a job with CV-Library, you get a free company profile (a great place to market your employer brand) and a dedicated account manager. 

When you post a job with CV-Library you can include screening questions to help you easily narrow down applicants. CV-Library also automatically includes your job listing in email alerts for qualified candidates who match your requirements. And they push jobs out across their specialist job sites. There are over 800 CV-Library specialist sites, so you’ll no doubt find some relevant to your organisation.

CV-Library pricing

Recruiters can post a single job for £75 plus VAT. CV-Library listings last for 28 days and applications come straight to the specified inbox. There are also discounts available for multiple listings. There’s an additional £199 plus VAT fee if you want to access the CV-Library CV database for two weeks.

5. Indeed

Indeed is a job board aggregator. It collects job listings from across the internet and puts them neatly together in the same place. However, you can also post jobs listings direct to the Indeed site — along with the 3,000,000 companies already using Indeed to hire new team members.

When you post a job directly to Indeed you follow a similar process to other sites like setting up an employer profile and entering in the details of your open positions. You can add screening questions and you get access to a suite of candidate management tools to help pare down your candidate pool. Indeed lets you sort candidates based on statuses you can assign including: candidates awaiting review, reviewed candidates, phone screened candidates, interview candidates, offer made, rejected, and hired. These statuses can help you stay on top of your candidate communications and make a good first impression.

Indeed pricing

It’s free to post a job on Indeed, but you can also sponsor a post to increase visibility. According to stats provided by Indeed, sponsored jobs are over 4.5 times more likely to result in a hire. You can pick a daily budget and only pay when candidates click on your post.

Don’t forget to post jobs to your own company channels

In addition to job boards, make the most of the resources and channels you already have available to you. Don’t forget to put your job listing on all of the following:

Your website

Having a dedicated jobs page on your company website makes it easy for candidates to find your advertised roles.

This is also a great place to showcase your employer brand and what it’s like to work with your team.

Your social media channels

Advertise that you’re hiring by creating social media posts related to your open roles.

Include a link that directs job seekers to a job posting — on your own website or on any of the job posting sites you’ve chosen.

Your internal network

Tell current employees about job opportunities with your company and encourage them to make referrals. Some may want to apply for roles themselves. Others may be able to recommend friends or relatives.

Highlight job ads on your company intranet, via your favourite company messaging software or simply over email.

As well as posting on your internal networks and on job posting sites, let’s not forget you can also list your open jobs with crooton. We can help post jobs onto all the best job boards for you as part of our managed campaigns. You tell us exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate, and we’ll help you make a shortlist. Your dedicated account manager can even schedule interviews on your behalf. 

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