Who are We?

We are a recruitment company located in the UK that blends fixed price recruitment with pioneering geo-fencing display advertising technology to significantly reduce the cost and time to hire for companies across all sectors in the UK and Europe.

Being the first to market in recruitment with our geo-fencing technology ‘Employer Fencing has given us massive traction and flagship clients including the NHS, AM Fresh Group and Stagecoach.

Our Objectives

1. To understand the jobseekers experience in a client specific way.

Our rapid growth has been fuelled by our ability to seamlessly integrate meaningful tech into the solutions we deliver to our clients.

In our 2 years of operation, we have become synonymous with providing prime market intelligence to our customers and as such, we wanted a solution that could capture real time candidate experience and engagement insights.

2. Adding value through insight.

We wanted a solution that would give real insights into the candidates experience for our customers which would enable us to add even more value to our clients by advising them on the best ways to maximise their employer brand.

The result allowed our customers to further reduce their cost and time to hire, maximise employer brand values and optimised candidate engagement.

The Solution

Rapid Mass Outreach & Engagement

Our CEO, Stephen Anderson came in contact with One Call to All when reviewing digital solutions that were capable of capturing and tracking candidate sentiment and experience.

OCTA quickly customised and deployed a seamless and fully automated candidate experience survey for us from the ground up; application to onboarding – all in less than 5 days. Every applicant (successful or otherwise) was then afforded the opportunity to share their experience and share their ideas on how it could be improved from their perspective.

Employer Branding & Real Time Candidate Experience Insights

Everything OCTA delivered sat within our exacting brand standards and as such maximised and captured data about the candidate experience at every key stage of our client’s recruitment journey.

All this data was ported into a dashboard that gave us real time visibility and as such we were able to advise our clients on how to amend their processes to optimise employer brand every step of the way.

To find out more about our revolutionary recruitment services, contact one of our recruitment consultants today.