If you think all recruitment companies are essentially the same, think again. 

At crooton, we see recruitment differently from any other company and have built a strong reputation for finding roles that have proved difficult for others to fill, including for organisations such as the NHS, Cygnet Health, Ocado, and AM Fresh.

But the reason why these organisations, as well as clients including Five Guys, Wagamama and several police forces, rely on us is not just because of our enviable track record but also because of our unique approach to finding the talent they need. 

This includes:

  • Utilising our custom developed employer fencing software that allows us to pinpoint exactly the right candidates wherever they may be. Using the latest geo-fencing and location services technology, employers can choose to target potential candidates attending specific trade shows or locations, studying at specific universities and colleges, or even working for their competitors. This means highly skilled and relevant candidates apply for the roles advertised, with exactly the right experience that the employer is looking for
  • Creation of job adverts in any shape and for any digital platform or site automatically with our bespoke ad creation and delivery tool. This enables beautifully branded adverts to be created in minutes and served to candidates wherever they are in the digital ecosystem – on news sites, on social media, and on the sites they visit the most
  • Having a global reach – our software can target candidates anywhere in the world down to specific one metre locations, enabling us to attract the right people internationally. Thanks to this, many clients are now using us to source candidates both at home and abroad for their UK operation or their divisions overseas
  • Using an online assessment tool to ensure applicants fully meet employer’s requirements. This is followed by personal candidate screening so that we only ever put forward candidates that precisely match the specifications of the role. This focus on candidate quality means employers only ever have to select from a talent pool of highly experienced and skilled staff
  • Providing employers with access to a bespoke application management system allowing them to fully track and review each candidate and their details
  • Offering a fully managed service that gives employers a dedicated Account Manager who actively searches for the right candidates, advertises the role on popular job sites and boards, and promotes it on social media. They also manage the employer fencing activity, personally screen CVs and candidates, and can even schedule interviews for the client. What’s more, with this service, employers know exactly who to contact if they have any questions and who will be providing them with updates and support throughout their recruitment campaign
  • Offering a fixed-fee recruitment model with no additional charges applied for making multiple hires from a single campaign. This has reduced the cost per hire to just a few hundred pounds per hire for some of our clients
  • Having valuable expertise in the recruitment industry and numerous employment sectors means we know what employers are looking for and what’s important to them

This approach has won favourable reviews from organisations globally: 

Stagecoach said: “Here at Stagecoach we have been working with crooton to fulfil a requirement we had under our Supertram brand for a Head of Engineering. We expected the role to be a challenging one to fill and we wanted to test crooton’s ability to work on a management position.

“I am pleased to say that not only did the team deliver suitable, diverse candidates, but they did so within two weeks, resulting in an early hold being placed on the campaign.

“Best of all we have proceeded with hiring one of the two second stage candidates, both sourced through crooton. We will continue to work closely with crooton going forward.”

And Terri Beardon from Mencap said: “We have been working with crooton at Mencap to support with our volume hiring across the UK. 

“The crooton team have been so helpful and the service they provide really adds value to our in-house recruitment team. The team have been amazing at sourcing candidates for roles that are difficult to fill whether it be down to location or just simply due to the number of people we are looking to hire. 

“I would highly recommend this service, it is great value for money when compared against other similar services but this doesn’t affect the quality in any way! We will be continuing to partner with crooton!”

Isn’t it time you saw recruitment differently with crooton?