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The UK is currently suffering from a skills shortage, a report by Infineon identifies that 67% of hiring managers believe the competition for talent will intensify and will be one of the most pressing issues for HR in the future, which suggests finding an efficient, cost effective recruitment solution has never been more critical.

Usually, businesses would use a traditional recruitment agency to help them find their ideal candidates, however, in an increasingly competitive landscape for attracting new talent where several businesses are competing for the same candidates, a traditional approach to recruitment could prove very expensive and in some cases ineffective and time consuming.

Most businesses are aware of the costs involved when using traditional recruitment agencies to recruit new staff, it’s usually around 15% – 20% of the candidates starting salary. The average cost of using a traditional recruitment agency is thought to be around £4500, which could rise significantly depending on the industry. This can make the decision to recruit new talent a difficult one for businesses, especially for small or growing businesses that may not have the capital available for long term recruitment campaigns.

Recruitment can also put hiring managers under lots of pressure to keep costs low and candidate quality high. Using traditional recruitment methods to attract and employ new staff can bring disadvantages for companies, especially if their new member of staff decides to leave within the first few months and there is no returns policy agreed with the recruitment agency. As recruiting for new talent is becoming increasingly more difficult and competitive, companies are seeking out more cost effective recruitment solutions that will help them find the right staff, in a time sensitive manner.

The fixed price model of recruitment can be up to 95% cheaper than traditional recruitment and even allows companies to make multiple hires for one low fee, at no extra cost. It also saves companies valuable time as the whole candidate attraction process is managed for them.

Fixed fee recruitment utilises a combination of traditional recruitment methods such as web advertising, candidate screening, and talent management to deliver employers with a selection of high quality candidates.

Job adverts are optimised for search engine performance using relevant and specific keywords to ensure your advert gets the most relevant coverage possible, candidates are screened on your behalf according to your requirements and you can hire as many candidates as you like from each campaign for no extra cost.

It is worth noting that not all fixed fee recruiters charge the same price or offer the same level of service or value for money.

So how do you find a cost effective, efficient fixed fee recruiter?

Look no further, at crooton we believe that combining traditional recruitment methods with ground-breaking display ad technology to deliver brand messaging and vacancies is the perfect solution for hiring managers. With a fixed fee recruitment service, businesses pay a one off fee for recruitment advertising, and get access to everything a traditional recruitment campaign has to offer. And when you combine that with our ‘Employer Fencing’ service, we believe we have one of the most efficient and cost effective fixed fee recruitment solutions available on the market today.

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