Still working with traditional office-based recruiters? You and your business could miss out on all the amazing benefits you get with online recruitment agencies.

We know that over 60% of 16 to 54-year-olds in the UK search and apply for jobs online. So reaching out to these candidates via online job boards and social sites makes perfect sense.

But online recruitment agencies do so much more than simply advertise your open roles online.

By taking the majority of the recruitment process online, they offer a range of benefits to businesses like yours.

Eight benefits of using online recruitment agencies

1. Access to more candidates

When you use online recruitment agencies, your job ads are available to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

As the last few years have taught us, creating and managing a successful distributed team is possible. It’s never been easier to work remotely.

So the fact that someone lives in the Outer Hebrides needn’t mean their application is destined for the recycling bin.

Working with online recruitment agencies, you can focus on talent rather than location and finding the very best people for your business from a large pool of candidates.

2. Application process automation

Online recruitment agencies are usually pretty up to speed with their tech tools. And recruitment automation software is one of the benefits you can expect.

Which parts of the application process can you automate? It depends on the software. But may include repetitive tasks like:

  • Writing job ads
  • Screening applicants
  • Candidate communications
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Recruitment marketing

With access to this type of automation, you can speed up the hiring process, improve candidate experience, and free up your team for high-level tasks the recruitment bots can’t handle.

3. Helps you target specific candidates

Want the tech geniuses working for your competitor to come work for you?

Using traditional recruitment agencies, this would be a tall order. But with online recruitment agencies, you’ll find it much easier to target specific candidates with your job ads and employer branding.

For example, here at crooton we use geofencing technology. With this tech, we can target job ads at specific trade events, academic institutions, or prospective candidates working for competitor companies.

This type of tailored approach means better job ad ROI and better quality candidates.  

4. Better communication with candidates

Candidate experience is a big deal for any business. How a candidate is treated during the recruitment process impacts their interest in the role you’re advertising and their enthusiasm for any subsequent job offer you make them.

Employer reviews also significantly impact talent acquisition, with 57% of job candidates avoiding companies with negative online reviews.

One of the best ways to improve candidate experience? Consistent, timely and respectful communication. When you work with online recruitment agencies, you can keep in communication at every stage of the recruitment process.

With the right tech, you can even automate messaging, view candidate status to tailor your messaging, and you can provide in-depth, helpful feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

5. Helps you to integrate your employer brand

strong employer brand helps attract applicants, makes your recruitment process more efficient, and helps you retain employees.

Online recruitment agencies understand the importance of employer branding. And they provide lots of opportunities for you to sell that brand to prospective employees. Creating dynamic job ads with embedded employer brand videos or simply a link to your employer webpage is a branding opportunity you don’t get with traditional recruitment agencies.

Online recruiters can also put your branded content and job ads in front of the right audiences, utilising various recruitment marketing channels to promote you as an employer.

6. Makes your recruitment process more accessible and inclusive

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are essential for building an effective recruitment strategy and optimal company culture.

But many companies fall at the first hurdle. They struggle to attract diverse candidates to apply for open roles and then fail to support them through the recruitment process.

Online recruitment agencies have various tools and strategies to make your recruitment process more accessible and inclusive. They can target job ads at hard-to-reach groups, prompting a more significant proportion of underrepresented job seekers to make an application.

With the help of diversity hiring software, online recruiters can also remove bias from the screening process. This ensures a fair chance for every applicant and can lead to more diverse candidates progressing to the interview or job offer stage.  

7. It saves time

Online recruitment agencies use tech, automation, and online talent acquisition strategies to speed up recruitment. They have access to a large pool of candidates and know how to reach out to specific groups, while automation helps with candidate screening and communications.

This all helps to create a streamlined process. Candidates progress quickly to interviews, which is excellent for candidate experience. And employers get to quickly and efficiently fill roles.  

8. More cost-effective than traditional recruitment

By working with online recruitment agencies, you can save money. That’s because online recruitment — thanks to automation and tech tools — is less labour intensive than traditional recruitment methods.

It’s also faster, which means cost savings that a recruitment agency can pass on to their clients.

Here at crooton we go one step further. We offer fixed price recruitment. That means no salary percentage. No fee per hire. Just one upfront cost.

For your fixed fee you get:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Recruitment marketing across a wide range of job boards
  • Marketing across social media platforms
  • Unique employer fencing tool
  • In-depth employee search
  • Access to a bespoke candidate management system
  • Screening and shortlisting service
  • Interview scheduling

We provide a bunch of fabulous candidates perfect for the role. Hire one or all of them, and you won’t pay any extra.

Want to hire at scale without breaking the bank? It’s what we do best. Get in touch with the expert crooton team to find out more.

And be sure to read more about where you should be listing your jobs, writing inclusive job adverts, and candidate management on the crooton blog.

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